Customised training packages developed and delivered for professionals familiar with M&A and for those who are new to the M&A process.

All training programs are designed to be interactive and can be presented in-person or virtually. They will be modified in duration and emphasis to target your exact business needs.

  • Workshops focusing on the range of risks which may impact value and the realisation of strategic objectives in a transaction, and how those risks are best addressed at each point of an acquisition, divestment or joint venture. Tailored for experienced M&A practitioners from all disciplines as well as those new to M&A, and customised to cater for the dominant risks in the target industry.
  • Workshops designed to clarify the M&A process, providing an holistic overview of the interconnectedness of each stage of a transaction. Tailored to deliver a clear understanding of the fundamentals of conducting an acquisition, divestment or forming a joint venture.
  • Shorter workshop modules to hone due diligence, negotiation and risk management skills with a focus on real life examples, practical application and top tips. These can be tailored to those who are familiar or unfamiliar with M&A.